South wind 2018

Petar Maraš, a guy with a good soul, is a member of the Belgrade car mafia run by a boss named Car. By reckless choice, Maraš, deviating from the previously elaborated plan decides to steal an unknown car. But this time the target is the car belonging to the Bulgarian narco boss’ son containing cocaine intended for Golub, the owner of the Belgrade narco network. The wrong choice, based on a pure passion for cars since childhood, opens Maraš the doors of the Belgrade underground, which makes him enter the games much more cruel the one he wasn’t ready for. Serbia in the “South Wind” in which the bond between crime and the state is strong, is a country at the crossroads of drugs, which is connected to its neighbours by the common melody of the street, cafes and clubs.

Is Maraš ready for a world where no one is spared, in which institutions are on the wrong side, in which the family is endangered and in which there can be only one? Miloš Avramović is the film director and signs the script with Petar Mihajlović by his side. The role of Petar Maraš is played by Miloš Biković, his best friend and not so brave companion is Baća, starred Miodrag Radonjić, while the other roles are entrusted to Nebojša Glogovac, Dragan Bjelogrlić, Aleksandar Berček, Jovana Stojiljković, Miloš Timotijević and Luka Grbić. An exciting and realistic drama takes place on the Belgrade’s streets showed through action sequences is the most watched film in the past decade according to the list published by the Film Centre of Serbia.

“It is truly amazing that in the last decades there have been only a few attempts to make a film that had organized crime as the main topic. It seemed to be an insufficiently interesting or insufficiently “intellectual” topic for our directors and screenwriters. Until now, criminals have been mostly shown in Serbian film as caricatures or grotesque depictions, as something that does not deserve serious treatment. I think that this film will fill the gap in Serbian cinema and give the topic of organized crime a new meaning.”

Petar Mihajlović

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