South wind 2020

Having made an agreement with the state security service, with Stupar at its bottom and Crveni at its top, Petar Maraš goes to prison for the murder of Golub with mitigating circumstances. After an early release from prison, Maraš encounters the outside world which collapsed after his departure – that is, his guilt. His mother Anđela died, his brother went far away from Serbia, his angry father is struggling with the consequences of a severe stroke, and Sofija, having his son taken away, left him. With the new redistribution of competencies, the Car takes place of the Belgrade drug boss, and, unlike the former boss Golub, he is now working with the Bulgarian clan led by Dimitar. The Montenegrian clan whose leader is Vajo interfered in the work of the well-trained team. But the job is not big enough for the three of them and they are aware of it. Maraš, wanting to regain Sofija’s trust so that he can get a new opportunity to live together with their son, but in order to for his father to forgive him, Maraš starts a legal car dealership business. However, it soon turns out that once dirty, you can hardly get clean again, and that every crime, at some point, requires redemption or continuation.

The TV series “South Wind” shows that Crveni is the only person with the power to decide who gets kicked out of the business, who stays in business and who climbs to the top. The Serbian television series “South Wind” was premiered from January to April 2020 on the Serbian Radio Television. The series consists of fourteen episodes, of which the first four represent material from the film “South Wind” (2018), while the other ten are a part of new series and sequels.

Along with Miloš Biković, Miodrag Radonjić, Predrag Miki Manojlović, Miloš Timotijević, Bogdan Diklić, Ljubomir Bandović and Hristo Shopov also play roles in the series’ continuation of the story about the most popular anti – hero of our time.  Miloš Avramović is the film director and signs the script with Petar Mihajlović by his side.

“This is a brutal story spiced up with humour, drama, and extremely convincing interpersonal relationships, which gives the whole story even more terrible persuasiveness. “South Wind” is an exciting series on a personal plan that shows the dark side of society, things swept under the rug and those we all know but no one talks about.”

Miloš Biković

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