The Balkan Line

The film “The Balkan Line” is an action drama whose topic is a true historical event from June 1999. The secret landing action of a small multi-ethnic unit composed of Russian paratroopers from all countries of the former USSR at the Slatina International Airport in Pristina is intertwined with the daily lives of endangered Serb civilians in Kosovo and Metohija during the bombing of FR Yugoslavia. The re-assembly of the unit, disbanded after a military mission on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1995, is now a secret task on the new battlefield aimed at maintaining the strategic goal until the arrival of official SFOR and NATO troops. The story, set at the last moment of the disintegration of Yugoslavia, about the rescue of Serbian captured civilians from brutal terrorist paramilitary units, contains a melodramatic relationship between a Russian soldier Shatalov and Jasna, a doctor from Serbia.

The film “The Balkan Line” is a Russian-Serbian co-production realized in 2019. The film was made in cooperation with the production company Bless Film from Russia. “The Balkan Line” is, after a long time, the first co-production supported by the Russian and Serbian Ministries of Culture. Most of the film, about 70%, was shot on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. After the premiere, the film was in the first place in terms of viewership in Russia, while it recorded over 300,000 cinema viewers in Serbia. The director of the film is Andrey Volgin while the screenwriters are Andrey Anakykin, Ivan Naumov and Natalyaa Nazarova. The mixed cast is led by Miloš Biković, Anton Pampushnyy, Milena Radulović, Miodrag Radonjić, Aleksandar Srećković Kubura and Yuriy Kutsenko.

“The story of the film “The Balkan Line” is as important as history is important to us. The film has the possibility and an interesting feature to turn the history of the story into the experience of a nation and society, and for that experience to eventually, become a kind of wisdom and maturity. That is why every moment in history is important and worth telling. “The Balkan Line” is the line that a person has within himself. It is inside, maybe it is the limit of conscience or maybe it is pain. It is not just a question of the territorial border, and culture is a harbinger of some good changes. “

Miloš Biković

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